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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling:

Where do I begin?

That's easy! Just give us a call and we will guide you.

What is the best option for me?

Each person's needs and situation varies. Our free consultation will clear up any confusion you may have and we will help find the perfect solution.

What services do you offer?

We offer a variety of services to meet your needs visit our "Services" page for more info.

What are the advantages to an online sale with an auction format?

There are so many! We are able to offer competitive commission rates to our clients. The number of customers participating in each sale is also much greater, since people can shop at 1am or during work hours if they'd like, which results in profitable sales. Parking or HOA concerns are eliminated. You are able to avoid a large crowd at once in your home. The bidding process can be watched by our clients; the sale is very transparent and the worry of price fixing is eliminated. Typically, almost item is sold and you just need to collect your check at the end.

How long do I need to have a sale? What if I need a home liquidated quickly?

Warehouse 31 provides quick, easy, and profitable solutions. With our online sales, we are able to expedite the selling process. We are also able to remove contents from a home, and host sales at our warehouse in Arlington.

How soon will I get paid?

We issue a check within 10 days of the pickup date.

What do you charge?

We do not ask for any payment upfront. Our standard fees and expenses are deducted from the agreed commission rate at the end of the sale, which varies for different situations. Our rates are competitive and you'll never see unexpected charges on your settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying:

How do I bid?

First, click the "Register to Bid" button at the top of the home page. Read the terms and conditions and continue to the next page. Complete the registration form. You will then be emailed a unique bidder number (which will be your permanent bidder number for Warehouse 31 sales). Return to our website. Click on the sale you wish to participate in. Click on "VIEW ITEMS AND BID" underneath the row of photos. Enter your bids, your bidder number, and your password at the bottom of the page. Click "Submit Bids" and then confirm those bids. That's it! We are available to answer any questions.

How do I keep track of my bids or if I've been outbid?

Click on the sale's link. Login with your bidder number at the bottom of the page. Click the "Review Bids" button. You will be shown every item you've bid on. If there is a red triangle next to the bid, that means you've been OUTBID. At the bottom of that page, you will see your amount of current winning bids.

How will I know my final total?

Your final invoice will be sent via email shortly after the end of the sale. You will also receive email notifications throughout the sale if you've been outbid.

What does the "Your Maximum" bid box mean?

It is an automatic bidding system. This feature helps you win the items that you really want! If an item is at $2.00, but you are willing to pay up to $20 for it, you can put $20 in the "Your Maximum" box. Your max is kept confidential. The computer will automatically place bids on your behalf (up to the maximum amount you've entered). Your bids are only increased when needed to maintain your position as the highest bidder. If the item stays at $2 throughout the sale, without any other bidding activity, you will win that item for $2. If another customer enters a bid higher than your max bid, you will be sent an email notification that you've been outbid.

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